Oncology yoga

This approach provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits to individuals facing cancer.

Free classes

yoga oncologique Montreal et Lac Brome
Yoga Oncologique par Laura Hernandez

Oncology yoga is an evidence-based program. It is originated from the traditional therapeutic yoga.

This practice brings relieve to the many symptoms caused by treatments and by cancer itself.

The sessions are open to everyone, whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment, post-treatment or in remission
We honor the presence of each individual and their will to improve and support their quality of life.

We use

  • Yoga poses – to improve or restore strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Relaxation techniques – to reduce stress, lower the aroused state of the nervous system and promote better sleep.
  • Music, sound, and simple breath work to diffuse anxiety and help attenuate pain.
  • Movements aimed at reducing fatigue, encourage overall body mobility and bring focus to the mind.