Laura Hernandez

Yoga teacher, somatic education and holistic wellness counsellor

Lets explore physical awareness through introspection. Lets discover the body’s natural movements that invite us to freedom and creativity.

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Yoga bain de sons méditation
yoga récupératif  postures de détente

Oncology yoga

To support your path towards a global well-being

Méditation Knowlton Lac Brome pour tous
Yoga et mouvement avec professeur certifié

Yoga and movement for all

With a simple approach.

Laura Hernandez de Yoga & Mouvement

Workshops and retreats

Take a moment for self-care and rest.

Celebrate life and love

with Laura

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Life is a precious gift that should be celebrated every day.

Celebrating life is not only about the big occasions, but also about the small moments that make life special. Ritual therefore plays an important role in our daily lives. It helps us to structure our days, to connect with ourselves, with others, with nature, and with what surrounds us.

Laura is an officiant with accreditation by the civil registry of Quebec.