Private and semi-private classes are recommended for people with specific needs, or for those who want to develop or deepen a personal practice.

For one or two persons

1 private or semi-private: 85$ / class (maximum 2 persons)

5 private classes: $350 (70$ / class)

10 private classes: $650 (65$ / class)

Included in the 5 classes and more: A 30 minute preparation meeting.

If you organize your own group

5 students: $120 / class

6 to 10 students: $150 / class

Here are the conditions

All classes are 90 minutes and are at the Studio Yoga e& Mouvement.

Full payment on the reservation.

If you want a class at your own location (up to 30 minutes distance), please add $20 per class.

If these packages do not suit you, contact me and we will discuss it together.

Laura Hernandez
450 330 1514