Evidence based program
Moving from a place of surviving to thriving

To receive a cancer diagnostic brings a great deal of questions and reflections. The number of things to manage, new vocabulary, decisions to make and all of that at a speed that is overwhelming. The everyday activities must be modified but also there is a different way of listening to the body.

Oncology yoga is a method that has been created to provide physical and psychological support. The objective of this practice is to soothe the multiple symptoms or effects caused by treatments and by cancer itself.

These classes are accessible to anybody going through this path: when just received a diagnose, when in treatment, post-treatment or in remission.

We honor the presence of each individual and their will to improve and support their quality of life.


For information about the classes, click on the link:
Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation

We use:

  • Yoga poses – to improve or restore strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Relaxation techniques – to reduce stress, lower the aroused state of the nervous system and help insomnia
  • Music, sound, and simple breath work to diffuse anxiety and help attenuate pain
  • Movement to improve the fatigue, encourage mobility of the whole body and bring focus to the mind


Laura Hernandez is accredited by the by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. She is also certified to teach programs from Yoga 4 Cancer (Y4C) and Yoga Thrive.

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