I created this class for anyone who wishes to…

  • Gain flexibility while stretching gently.
  • Gain strength in the muscles of the legs, back, arms and core without having to go to the floor or stand for long periods.
  • Work on motor coordination.
  • Gain better balance doing postures and movements in a safe way.
  • Learn the basic principles of Yoga practice: harmonize moving with breathing get the feel of meditation in movement.
  • Enhance blood circulation and digestion.
  • Become part of a fun group which encourages and upholds basic Yoga values: non-judgmental attitudes, greeting what comes up in any present moment with self-respect and gentleness towards self.

The Method

  • Class starts with a short meditation and a breath awareness exercise.
  • Warming up into synchronization of breath and movement.
  • Various Yoga poses adapted to chair work.
  • Coordination work based on repeating of gentle movements bring about an awakened state for body as well as mind.
  • Standing postures supported by the chair and the wall allow us to renew contact with the body’s center of balance.


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8 week session – 97$